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Every DNA Frank N Box comes with a one year manufacturer warranty for you, the original owner, which includes the board, 510, buttons, etc. as long as parts are still available. It does not cover drops, abuse, charge ports, or excessive amounts of liquid inside the enclosure. It does also not cover putting in the batteries incorrectly if your mod is a dual cell 18650 / 2X700.

The battery is covered if it is a result of a board failure only and must be within 6 months of purchase, but is not covered for degradation over time or if you leave it in the heat and it swells for example.

Anodizing and the finish of the enclosure is not covered as that is considered normal wear and tear over time.

If you sell or trade your Frank N Box, the manufacturer warranty is null and void.

After one year (or if box is not original owner) repairs will still be done at the cost of parts plus a $15 – $40 (depending on the repair) service fee and return shipping cost. This applies to any repair that is user caused as well within the first year.

As of February 2022, NLPWM Boards no longer come with a warranty. Components are no longer available for the boards and they are no longer being manufactured. We are still able to repair wires, 510’s, etc., however the board itself is no longer covered.

For any warranty claims or questions please contact Frank Zeiter via Facebook for fastest results, or you may fill out the form below.

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