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STANDARD BUILDS – No Customization:  3 Business Days

Any Frank N Box that is ordered without any customization (custom color panels, custom anodizing, or engraving) will take no longer than 3 business days to build provided all parts are in stock. Every now and then lipos are out of stock and/or backordered from the manufacturer. We always do our best to keep everything well stocked, but sometimes we are at the mercy of the lipo manufacturer. Your Frank N Box will ship on the 4th day (provided it is not a Sunday).

PERSONALIZED BUILDS – Color Panels and/or Laser Engraving:  21 Days or Less

Any Frank N Box that is ordered with customization (custom color panels, custom anodizing or laser engraving) will take no longer than 21 days to build and personalize provided all parts are in stock. Color panels take the longest to produce as they need to be designed custom for you by Short Designs and the resin needs time to cure.

Production Schedule for Custom Color Panels:

All custom color panels will be printed and resin coated every other Tuesday. The resin will then cure until Sunday when they will be ready to go on the box. In between the printing and resin is when the design is done. You will always see a digital proof of your panels before they go to print. Depending on when your order is place, and how it aligns with when they are printed/coated will determine your turnaround time. If you happen to order the Friday right before printing on Tuesday, it will be much quicker vs if you order that Tuesday (print day). At most it will be 21 days, but most ship sooner.

Laser engraving can be done at any time.