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Our smallest enclosure and exclusive to Frank N Box Customs! Available in both DNA250C and DNA100C (USB-C and 3A Charging on DNA100C)

Dimensions: 107mm Tall x 64mm Deep x 30mm Wide

Battery Choices:
MaxAmps 3s 1850mAh (20.5 Watt Hours)
Dual 20700 (Batteries Included)
Dual 18650 (Batteries Included)

510: 22mm

Max Wattage:
300 with 3s Lipo (DNA250C)
200 with dual 18650/20700 (DNA250C)
100 with dual 18650/20700 (DNA100C)

Atomizer fitment: 28mm inside the bevel. 30mm to the edge of the enclosure.

This enclosure is only available with a DNA250C or DNA100C board due to how small it is. A NLPWM board will not fit in this enclosure. 

Mini MC Enclosure


Choose the color of your frame.

Choose your board and battery configuration.

Choose the color of acrylic for your face plate and side panels.

Choose a color for your 510.

Choose a color for the corner screws and board mount screws on the faceplate.

Choose a color for your buttons

Choose the color of your theme for the DNA250C screen.

Upload your own images to be put onto side panels for your mod. Please ensure image is high resolution. Once the panels are designed, you will get an email proof for approval before any panels are printed.

(max file size 100 MB)

(max file size 100 MB)


Every Frank N Box comes with a one year manufacturer warranty (6 months for NLPWM – see below) for you, the original owner, which includes the board, 510, buttons, etc. as long as parts are still available. It does not cover drops, abuse, charge ports, or excessive amounts of liquid inside the enclosure.

NLPWM Boards come with a 6 month warranty and are only covered as a result of board failure that is not caused by the user. Blown mosfets, capacitors, ripped out wires, etc are all user caused and will not be covered.

The battery is covered if it is a result of a board failure only and must be within 6 months of purchase, but is not covered for degradation over time or if you leave it in the heat and it swells for example.

Anodizing and the finish of the enclosure is not covered as that is considered normal wear and tear over time.

If you sell or trade your Frank N Box, the manufacturer warranty is null and void.

After one year (or if box is not original owner) repairs will still be done at the cost of parts plus a $15 service fee and return shipping cost. This applies to any repair that is user caused as well within the first year.


STANDARD BUILDS – No Customization:  3 Business Days

Any Frank N Box that is ordered without any customization (custom color panels, custom anodizing, or engraving) will take no longer than 3 business days to build provided all parts are in stock. Every now and then lipos are out of stock and/or backordered from the manufacturer. We always do our best to keep everything well stocked, but sometimes we are at the mercy of the lipo manufacturer. Your Frank N Box will ship on the 4th day (provided it is not a Sunday).

Color Panels and/or Laser Engraving: 
14 Days or Less

Any Frank N Box that is ordered with customization (custom color panels, custom anodizing, or laser engraving) will take no longer than 14 days to build and personalize provided all parts are in stock. Color panels take the longest to produce as they need to be designed custom for you by Short Designs and the resin needs time to cure. Please see our Turnaround Page for full details and the production schedule.