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Frank Zeiter

Frank Zeiter

The Wizard Behind It All

30+ Year Mechanic, General handyman, Jack of all Trades, Quad Racer, Candle Maker, Juice Maker, Box Builder.

In 2013, as a result of no real reliable and powerful mods on the market (and wanting to get off the analogs), Frank decided to tinker with some Hammond boxes and see what he could come up with. After just a short while, the first crude Frank N Box was built: A dual 18650 series, hand milled and cut Hammond box with a hammered finish. Then the evolution began as vaping began to take off and more technology was available. The rest is history!

From one off custom builds and fabrication to Anodized ATI boxes, and now full color panel boxes – Frank has built it all and refined his skills and builds as he went along. As of July 2019 Frank has produced over 2500 DNA boxes and 1000 unregulated, Venom/PWM/NLPWM boxes. Every Frank N Box is built by Frank himself from start to finish to ensure quality and cleanliness of the build. He also stands behind all of his boxes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

Dan Short

Dan Short

The Creative Ginger - Owner of Short Designs

20+ Years in Graphics, Print and Marketing, Corporate Management, Web Guru, Vape Industry Advocate, Puts the “Customs” in Frank N Box Customs. 

A long time fan of Frank N Boxes and the quality Frank produced, Dan teamed up with Frank in 2017 to offer customization of all Frank N Boxes and Short Designs was born. It all started with Frank looking to being able to laser engrave in house as more and more boxes were being produced. The only issue: Frank and computers do not get along. The computer always win!

Dan, having 20+ years in graphics, decided on a whim to get into laser engraving. In less than 2 months the laser had paid for itself purely off the partnership with Frank N Box. From standard logos, to full 6 sided laser wraps, Short Designs does it all. In 2018  Dan decided to jump head first into the full color market and a giant pallet of new toys arrived to produce full color custom panels for the newest Frank N Box panel boxes. Anything can be done custom for you, and the only limit is your imagination.