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All Frank N Box mods are built to order and you can completely customize all aspects of it. You choose the frame color, 510 and actuator colors (black or stainless), acrylic color for face and side panels (way too many colors to list), mounting screw color (black or stainless), theme color if DNA250C or DNA100C, and LED color if NLPWM (when available).


Dan (Short Designs) can make any idea become a reality with custom full color panels – all done in house! Any of our 4 panel boxes can be fully customized with any images of your choosing. Completely change the look of your Frank N Box at any time just by swapping out the panels. They are all held in magnetically, so you can swap them out at any time. You also have the option of doing a full color faceplate along with the 2 side panels for a completely custom look all around. Dan will work directly with you to design the panels and you will see a digital proof to approve before they are printed. All designs are always one off designs made just for you and will never be produced again. We want everyone to have something unique that is not mass produced.

All panels are resin coated to give a nice “in the hand” domed feel and also makes the colors pop extremely well.

The cost for custom full color side panels for the MC, MCM, MCM4 and MCXL is $60 per set. Add a custom faceplate for $30 additional (Not available to order on website – Please contact Dan directly to add a custom faceplate to your order). All prices include simple image design and preparation. If custom design work is required, like a family collage with multiple photos for example, a design fee may be added depending on complexity.


The frame of any of our panel boxes is a great canvas for laser engraving. All laser engraving is done in house by Dan (Short Designs). Whether you want to add text, logos or an image, anything is possible – the only limit is your imagination! Combine laser engraving with full color custom panels for a fully custom look.

The cost for laser engraving is $10 per side for standard text and $20 per side for logos or images. Frank N Box Logos are always free of charge.